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The Motivational lecture

Do you think it is impossible to promote a novel about behind scene of the advertising world with a zero budget, in a 360 marketing campaign? The naked truth is ”yes”.

If you have a great idea, a book that keeps you addicted to the story from the first page to the last one,  a strong network and the wisdom to combine it all together, all this incredible promise is not only a fact, it is history.

Meirav Oz, a former advertiser and an author, will tell how she made her first novel with no means, with a small publisher in a tough bloody market book, into a success.

Meirav will lead you  through the groundbreaking 360 marketing campaign she created to market her novel -  by building a fictional parallel world to the plot in her novel, using a fictional character in the real life, she build the identity of this character in social media and all other media and made the Israeli advertising world fall for it.

After her success in Israel she become one of the exponents of the  advertising world, a worldwide speaker and eventually opened her own business – a Talent Agency for Advertising. The network she had during the launch of the book that made this all possible, just came bigger and bigger after the success and those connections made the foundation of her business today.

Its a story of finding new meanings to creativity in all aspects- as from finding the concept through creating new resources, and maximizing one’s potential personally and professionally, regardless of industry or goals.

Meirav continues to lecture all over Israel and over the world: at 2013 at the Crystal festival in France,

At 2010 she returned from a successful tour of lectures in California and more. Among the responses:


One Wrong Move - Book Launching Campaign

The Seduction Journey of the Consumer by building a Fictional World

Interview - Channel 10

“...Listening to Meirav tell her personal story of how she followed her dream o​f publishing her first novel, "One Wrong Move", and through her own marketing campaign, made it a terrific success, is nothing short of inspiring. Her marketing strategy was made by literally no "real" money, but she added to that an incredibly imaginative and ingenious source – funding based on creativity and networking which is pure brilliance”. (Y.S, Hollywood Hills, CA)

“I very much enjoyed listening to your interesting lecture. There is no doubt that I will embrace several points from your presentation to my professional life” (​​ M.S, San Francisco)

“…Not only was Meirav empowering, and inspirational, but I really admire the fact that she is so selfless, as she is willing to share all of her experiences, resources and "tips". I'm looking forward to reading the book once it's published in English! :-)" (N.S, Hollywood Hills, CA)

The lecture is available in English and in Hebrew, for inventation please contact us.


“Meirav, in graceful language you told us your personal story and provoked our interests from minute to minute. You’ve proved that everything is possible when you have a deep urge, a goal and perseverance” (G.D, San Diego)

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