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Meirav Oz / Talent Agency for Advertising is a global creative recruitment company, working for international advertising agencies around the world.


After a wonderful and fascinating career in the advertising business and over 12 years of experience as a VP Client Services, I decided to turn my hobby into a business - finding advertising agencies the best talents in the industry and helping talents find their next step in their career.

The agency was founded in 2010, and in 2011 Michal Glueck, who worked for 6 years as a senior account director at McCann Erickson Israel, joined the firm as a partner.

In Israel, we recruit the best talents for all kinds of professions in advertising: account management, strategic planning, media planning, digital services, you name it... but above all - our specialty is creative.

We are not from the recruitment business; we are from the Advertising business, that’s what makes the difference.

After so many years knowing this industry inside and out, we still have passion for it. Only today, this passion is focus on the people. 

When we get a new position to recruit, we know the exact needs, wants and challenges of any kind of job.


So how do we get our talents?

In Israel we personally and professionally know almost all of the people in the ad agencies and had the opportunity and pleasure to work with the best and most gifted ones. 

Other than that, Relevance is the most important thing in headhunting; we have “Agents" in the industry that tell us "who's hot and who's not", so a significant part of our job is to keep track of new upcoming talents in the industry.​

Naturally we wish to show you how much extraordinary talent we have here in the ad industry in Israel but we are happy to say that in the past year we got a lot of requests from creative talents from other countries who wishes to relocate to another challenging and exciting new position. With some of them we met in the last Cannes Lions festival so, today, our talent portfolio is global.


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Let's meet in the next Cannes Lions festival!



if you are looking for new creative talents or if you are looking for you next step in you career let us know and we'll meet.

in the mean time watch this clip and get a glimpse of our last visits in Cannes lions festival.

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